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Magic Shows

Magic shows include many diverse art forms including illusion, sleight of hand and misdirection. In fact, anything and everything that cannot be explained, generally falls under the heading “It’s magic“. Scientifically of course, there is no such thing as unexplainable magic. Logicians make it a point to scoff at all things magic. They maintain that magic shows featuring dazzling, mystifying acts all have some logical reasoning or mechanism behind it. This point of view is accepted by the majority of cynical adult audiences around the world today. […]

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Easy Magic Tricks

The desire to perform different kinds of tricks is one that we have all felt. As children we tried coin tricks, shell games, different card tricks. We have all at one time or another desired to be magicians and perform many wonderful magic tricks. The best way to start out with these magic tricks is to see the various easy magic tricks that you can try out. There are various magic trick books that we can consult to help us do these tricks. You should first look […]

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Free Magic Tricks

Cards, coins, flying doves, jumping rabbits are all part of magic. These many items are used as tools for a magic act. While most of the items that are used in magic acts are beyond the scope of new magicians there are others that can be used. For the new magician free magic tricks are especially useful to have in your selection of magic. These different types of free magic tricks are one that anyone who is interested in doing magic can try. The tools of the […]

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